Washington Township, Morris County, NJ

Hacklebarney State Park Schooley's Mountain, Long Valley, and Middle Valley comprise Washington Township's 44 square miles. A large portion of the Township is occupied by Schooley's Mountain, one of the country's earliest summer resorts. The pure mountain air and healing mineral springs were irresistible attractions. The Lenape Indians had long known about the waters, which drew healing powers from the iron deposits found in the nearby mountains. Today, Schooley's Mountain Park, part of the Morris County Park Commission, provides swimming, hiking, picnicking, ball fields, sledding and boating.

The Black River meanders through Hacklebarney State Park, shared with Chester Township, and delights hikers and picnickers with its scenic beauty, refreshing waterfalls and wading shallows. Extensive parklands and preserved farmlands maintain the rural ambience in this beautiful area.

Washington Township is the most westerly township in Morris County. It was one of the six townships into which the county was divided in 1798. Prior to that, Washington Township was part of Roxbury. The first settlers were German Protestants from Saxony, Germany, who came in search of freedom of worship. Part of Washington Township is often referred to as German Valley in reference to its early settlers. The Township was incorporated on February 12, 1798. The 2000 population was 17,952 and the projection for 2010 is 20,277.

There are neighborhoods, both new construction and resale, as well as charming historic structures in Washington Township. The Township's K - 8 school system is the sending district for West Morris Central High School, one of two high schools in the highly regarded West Morris Regional District.

Washington Township information obtained by Sandi Laughlin.

Washington Township Residential Home Sales Statistics

High Sale Price = $1,235,000
Low SP = $69,269
Average SP = $461,666
Median SP = $440,000

High Sale Price = $1,055,000
Low SP = $42,500* (*manufactured home)
Average SP = $451,376
Median SP = $435,000
High Sale Price = $3,350,000
Low SP = $13,750* (*mobile home)
Average SP = $434,417
Median SP = $425,000                      
High Sales Price =
Low SP = $111,000
Average SP = $440,687
Median SP = $424,000
High Sales Price =
Low SP = $17,000* (*manufactured home)
Low SP = $65,000
Average SP = $418,770
Median SP = $390,000
High Sales Price =
Low SP = $45,000* (*manufactured home)
Median SP = $410,000
High Sales Price =
Low SP = $147,000
Average SP = $442,295
Median SP = $434,500
High Sales Price = $1,275,000
Low SP = $29,000
Median SP = $407,300

High Sales Price = $1,725,000
Low SP = $54,000
Average SP = $508,274
Median SP = $460,000

High Sales Price = $1,200,000
Low SP = $40,000
Average SP = $560,418
Median SP = $540,000

Source: Garden State Multiple Listing Service.

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