Morristown, NJ

Morristown ParkVibrant, energetic Morristown, NJ, is the county seat of Morris County, NJ. Located approximately 30 miles northwest of New York City, Morristown is situated amid rolling hills, broad valleys and shimmering lakes. Morristown is rich in history having played a strategic role in the Revolutionary War, the iron ore industry, and manufacturing.

In 1831 the Morris Canal was completed through the county. As early as 1838, the Morris and Essex Railroad reached Morristown. By 1900, Morristown was discovered by business and financial leaders wishing to escape from New York City. Within a few years many of the most influential people, including the Frelinghuysens, Charles Mellon, and Otto H. Kahn built grand estates within a one mile radius of the Morristown Green. A few of these mansions can be seen today along Madison Avenue in Morristown.

Today, Morristown provides a plethora of social and cultural options for its residents. Morristown center is 45 minutes away from midtown Manhattan via the midtown direct train from the Morristown Train Station. Jockey Hollow and other county, state and federal parks, are within a 15 minute drive. Within the town proper there is a theatre, movie house, and shopping opportunities including department stores and specialty boutiques, as well as numerous, ethnically diverse restaurants.

Morristown provides many housing choices for the buyer and renter. Morristown hosts a number of antique homes and unique properties, downtown townhouses, contemporary homes and "starter" properties. Children have the advantage of a strong school system and proximity to numerous activities. Morristown is home to a diversity of houses of worship.

Morristown hosts a year round schedule of events for the community. Events include "Explore Morristown" and the fall Morristown Festival on the Green. There are Halloween trick-or-treat programs as well as a Holiday Festival and Twelfth Night celebration at the New Year.

Come see all Morristown has to offer! Let us show you the beauty of Morristown and Morris County.

Morristown information gathered by Kristin Gobbel-Swanson.

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  • Courthouse
    The Morris County Courthouse, Morristown, New Jersey
  • Macculloch
    The MacCulloch Hall Museum, Morristown, New Jersey
  • Motownstreet
    Downtown street near the Community Theater, Morristown, New Jersey
  • Thegreen
    'The Green' in Morristown, Morristown, New Jersey
  • Tpaine
    The Thomas Paine statue in Burnham Park, Morristown, New Jersey



Morristown Residential Home Sales Statistics

High Sales Price =
Low SP = $145,000
Average SP = $464,284
Median SP = $395,000

High Sales Price =
Low SP = $130,000
Average SP = $487,893
High Sales Price =
Low SP = $120,000
Average SP = $438,485
Median SP = $417,000
High Sale Price = $1,650,000
Low SP = $85,000
Average SP = $449,801
Median SP = $410,000
High Sales Price =
Low SP = $90,000
Average SP = $388.783
Median SP = $347,000

High Sales Price =
Low SP = $93,500
Average SP = $408,488
Median SP = $335,000

High Sales Price =
Low SP = $80,000
Median SP = $320,000
High Sales Price =
Low SP = $107,000
Average SP = $466,504
Median SP = $399,000

High Sales Price = $1,150,900
Low SP = $1,800
Average SP = $416,504
Median SP = $375,000

High Sales Price = $1,600,000
Low SP = $160,000
Average SP = $456,504
Median SP = $428,750

Source: Garden State Multiple Listing Service.

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