Mendham Rescue Dog Stories

Here are some stories from our agents and families in the Mendham community who have fostered and/or adopted dogs in need of a home. We hope you will enjoy them and perhaps be inspired to foster or adopt a loving pet of your own! Have a adopted or fostered pet story to tell? Share it with us!

This is our rescue dog, Buck.  In one photo, he is in his bed with one of our rescue cats, Missy. Missy was found on the street by a friend and we took her in. Buck was a foster from One Step Closer Animal Rescue (OSCAR) in Sparta, NJ who we just couldn't let go!  Buck is super sweet and a total love. His first few weeks of life were tough for him - He was offered for free on craigslist in MS and someone went and got him and brought him to a shelter there that works with OSCAR.  He was shipped to NJ and we took him in as a foster with another pup around his age.  He was thought to be around 6 weeks old when we got him. The other pup got adopted by a wonderful local family but we decided to keep Buck here as our own. Foster failure for us! We have fostered quite a few puppies for OSCAR and plan on taking in a new foster soon!  Fostering is a great way to give a dog a chance. OSCAR doesn't have a physical shelter yet, all of their rescues are placed in foster homes. They are always in need of good foster families if anyone is interested. Their website is




My little "pack" is comprised of Lucky, Ziggy and Nahla.  
Lucky, my chocolate boy, was an Ooopsy litter of a breeder in NJ. His mom, an Aussie, ran off (in heat) and came home pregnant with an unwanted litter and so we adopted our Lucky.
Ziggy, the sweet fawn colored boy, was pulled with his siblings from a high kill shelter in Lenoir County, NC.  "High Kill Shelters" kill animals with in 72 hours of their arrival...not so much time to find a home.  We adopted him through Furever Home Dog Rescue in Randolph.  
And our Amazing Nahla was our first foster dog. My husband and I were antiquing in Lafayette and passed an adoption event on our way home hosted by 11th Hour Rescue.  
We already had our two boys, but Nahla tugged at our heart strings and we went directly to her cage. My husband never left her while I visited all of the cute puppies and other fluffy dogs. That little sweet Nahla kept hold of my husband. We didn't want to adopt, but we were told that she had recently come in from a high kill shelter in GA. She was an adult already, maybe 3-5 years old and she had such a sweet disposition that the volunteers asked if we would consider Fostering her until she found a Forever home. It turns out that Shelter life is very hard on dogs and they can lose their sweetness in a dark and lonely cage, surrounded by dogs barking and wailing in other dark and lonely cages. This temporary despair that the shelter dogs fall into can cost them their lives because potential families can not see them as they truly are. 11th Hour Dog Rescue did not want Nahla (then known as Ebony) to lose her sweetness.  So Corey and I went home and loaded up our 2 children and 2 dogs and went back at the shelter to see if Nahla would be a Foster fit to our family.   
Well, she was and a week later, I marched down to the 11th Hour shelter on route 10 and handed them Nahla's adoption fee and asked that they remove her from Pet Finder because she had found her family.
She inspired us to foster other dogs from kill shelters. We have now hit a dozen dogs fostered and found by their forever homes!!!




The first photo is hard to look at, but it was harder for Gracie to live through. You see, Gracie was found dumped in an alley in Baltimore as a 7 month old puppy.  Her body and spirit had been torn and punctured by other dogs. They believe that she was used as a "bait dog" to test fight dogs in illegal dog fighting rings.  
I picked her up from a vet in Brooklyn on January 5th, 2015.  
She is amazing and after 2 1/2 weeks she was introduced to my pack of three rescue dogs.  She took her time trusting them, but is now fully integrated with them.  She plays with them day in and day out!  Gracie loves to go for car rides and adores to be snuggled.  She is currently waiting for her forever family and hopes that they are looking for her already.




Sirius was in a litter of 8 dogs left on the steps of a firehouse in SC. They were taken to Maranatha Farm, a 501c3 rescue shelter, where he was fed via baby bottle by a volunteer until ready for solid food. They named the entire litter after "Harry Potter" characters. At some point, Sirius was adopted by a family, but after about 8 months, he was returned to Marantha because the owners, a couple with 2 teenagers, had split up, lost their home and the wife and children went to live with her mother, who ruled "no big dogs." We had lost our beloved yellow Lab, Sandee, at just short of 15 years of age, and were looking for another dog. I had seen a picture in the paper of an available yellow puppy. When I called he was already adopted, but the rescue group said they would be at PETCO on Saturday with some of their available dogs. We saw Sirius and were able to take him for a short walk. We submitted an application, drove to Maranatha Farm on Sunday afternoon to again visit Sirius, and requested that they activate our application, as a 24 hour waiting period was policy. The application was quite detailed asking about previous pets, name of our veterinarian, David Howard of Mendham, and ultimately required a criminal background check. The next week a couple, volunteers from Maranatha, came to do the home visit, approved us and the following day our delightful Sirius came to live with us. He is the brightest dog we have ever owned, and he is our fifth dog. He has subsequently completed training and passed the test to be a "Canine Good Citizen" so now makes weekly visits to a nursing home and the "Girls and Boys Club."